Thursday, April 24, 2014

Organize ALL the things!

Yes I know, its kinda weird.. but I love to organize.  I believe everything should have a place that makes sense. Even though I know what I purchased (for the most part), when it comes to clothes and shoes I want to see as much as possible. Since my closet isn't freakishly large and doesn't have its own couch, I've become resourceful to create space and order.

I am drooling over this... and I'm not quite sure if it's excessive hahaha. Ok so it probably wont be ALL my stuff, I would have to share.

Since most people either have a walk-in closet or a small closet with sliding doors, I thought I would share some tips to create more space with what you have and keep it organized.

1. Dresser drawers tend to be pretty spacious, making your sock and underwear drawer a jumbled mess. I like to use pop up drawers to store smaller things like socks, stockings, and underwear. I bought mine at the container store; they come in tons of colors and prints.
If you are on a budget, look around the house for shoe boxes or other small containers. You can easily paint or use markers to make the boxes cute.

2. Belts, scarfs, and purses can take up a lot of space in closets depending on how many you have. If you're like me and want to see all your options then look for hangers that can store multiple belts or scarfs. I purchased the below and loovveee them. : D  Oh and P.S! The scarf hanger is on sale at the container store.

This last little guy is an S hook.. original I know. These little suckers are fabulous for hanging just about anything! They work for jeans (1 pair at a time ladies), belts, scarfs (be sure to loop the scarf around the hook), and purses. Play around with how many scarfs or belts you want to hang from each S hook. The good thing about them is there are pretty cheap, so you don't feel bad buying a bunch.

On a budget and can't afford to buy trinkets? No biggie! If you have a rod in your closet you can always loop your scarfs around that. Belts work the same way, all you have to do is make sure that they are secured. Another inexpensive tool that works very well is the 3M Command hooks. You can attach them to any surface and they work well for hanging purses and clutches.

3. Shoes! Oh my goodness I love shoes. Heels, flats, wedges, boots, tennis shoes.... get it? lol I have an issue. There are several storage options for storing your beloved footwear if you do not have the floor or shelf space to spare in your closet.

If you have space under your bed look at some underbed storage options such as this canvas shoe organizer.

Under the bed not an option? Try these hanging options (found at They are also available as over the door options as well. 

Found some organizational ideas or tips that helped you? Share your tips in the comments section below, I would love to hear from you! 

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